The womb as a second heart ❈

Having a womb is one of the basic things that make us women - Womb - men (like women).

We all know that the womb is a powerful place within us, where new life is created, grows and from which the world is born. However, the uterus is far beyond the space for fetal growth. In ancient times, in times when women were allowed to perform spiritual rituals, the uterus was considered a sacred spiritual center, a source of intuition, for emotional wellbeing and physical vitality.

In my environment there is a lot of talk about going from head to heart - an organ of love, peace and wisdom.

But we have room for an even deeper connection. The uterus. When I talk about the uterus, I'm not just talking about the organ, but the uterus as a spiritual or energetic center that exists whether you have a uterus or not, whether your uterus can hold life or not.


The womb is perhaps our deepest spiritual center and many of us have never consciously connected with it. It is a part of us that carries tremendous power and yet for many of us, it is a very wounded or forgotten place, a place we do not communicate with usually.


In addition, the uterus is the source of female power to create. This involves two movements - acceptance and release. Reception energy is most clearly expressed during pregnancy or endometrial thickening of the woman, and discharge at birth or menstruation. But of course, the movement of the piece should not be linked to mothers at all. You can create, receive and release energy in a variety of creative ways. Proximity to uterine energy allows women and men to consciously cultivate their core energy and track their inner creative changes.


So how do you connect to my womb?

One of the simplest and most direct ways of uterus is through breathing.

Put your hands on your uterus, and as you breathe in awareness, think of your uterus as a glass filled with breath. The breath is liquid light and as your uterus receives the light, it fills up and becomes glowing. You can let this liquid light overflow and fill the entire basin area with light.

You will feel grounded and peaceful.


Practicing this breathing connection through your breath will help you feel grounded and relaxed. Thoughts will slow down and enter a space of restorative and nourishing physical relaxation.

You may begin to discover places of simplicity and intuition in depth. Your life's complexity issues will become simpler as you connect to the deep truth and simplicity within you that guides you like a compass.

Your womb knows what you need - it's the smart part about you.


So take a moment and connect with your womb. And tell me what you felt and experienced.

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