♀☯ The woman's cycle, the cycle of nature and the connection to Corona♀☯


The cyclicality of a woman reflects, by a small proportion, the cyclicality of nature, such as tides, seasons and more.
The periodicity of the woman, even in the modern world is affected by the whiteness. I wrote a previous post on the subject in the first comment on the periodicity of a white moon and a red moon. Most women (according to studies) receive menstrual blood in the missing brick and ovulate in the full brick when exposed to the white light over time. Bleaching controls the flow of fluids - tides in the ocean and also in the body of women, affecting all our dreams and our subconscious.

During our period as women, there are also different understandings that come to light.



The periodicity can be divided into 4 seasons:
♀ Menstruation
חרי After menstruation until ovulation
♀ ovulation
חר After ovulation until the next menstruation


These 4 seasons can be compared to the seasons of summer, spring and winter.
But today we will focus on the two longer seasons:

1. From the end of the period to the ovulation - the developing egg stage - the folk stage - the inspiration stage - Young.
2. From ovulation to the next menstruation - the luteal phase - the thought stage - wine.


From the end of menstruation to ovulation - our bodies begin to ripen an egg, it's a time of going into the world, bursting energy of doing, many women find themselves at the peak of their expression. During this time, women are also more fertile, more attractive, physically changing their hair and skin and secreting torments. It is also the Yangian period - energy of the sun, summer, doing - energy of the sperm cell that runs and swims.
This is also the period that Western society greatly values. Our company loves doing, ovulating, beauty, energetic and always going out. Whoever rests is considered "lazy" and has no value.


The second half of the periodicity, the luteal phase occurs from ovulation to menstruation is a time of slowing down, convergence. It's a time when everything we didn't handle would float and rise. During this time, we naturally retreat from extrovert activity to convergence. At this time, the body actually thinks we are pregnant, and is ready to give birth to the next. At the end of this stage comes a great shedding of menstrual blood and with it comes out everything that does not serve us. The moon diminishes, and so do many women at this time of darkness, much like the missing moon.
This period is analogous to the energy of wine - time of rest, rest and waiting - time of night and darkness.


Because our society mainly values ​​sensible information, many women do not listen at this time to the intuitive information that comes in dreams, feelings and desires. Many women think it is a time of rampant hormones and call it PMS instead of realizing that there is a time for high attention to ourselves, a time of deep inner knowing. In pre-menstruation there is a connection to our magic - we are closer to the important things in our lives - more prone to cry and sensitivity grows. The high insights come in the dark. If we block the information that comes to us in the second half of the menstrual cycle then it will come back to us as PMS.

As soon as a woman starts listening to her periodicity and realizing that it is actually a deep inner prompt, spiritual guidance we begin to be hormonally and emotionally healed - including a decrease in PMS and pain while menstruating !!




Corona's time turned the world from seed energy to egg energy. Myang Lane. Since the gas world has taken on a very powerful energy of doing, then the energy of staying demands its own.
It's actually a global regulator :)

It is time we are asked to be at rest, lying down, isolating, staying. We are asked to listen and be.
(Clearly, this is not true of us all - the doctors, nurses and all the essential workers work even harder.)

And I ask:
Can we as a society sit, stay, stare and just be?
Can we give time for something new to be born of us?
Can we imagine a world after the Corona where there is a better balance between Young and Lane?
Can we stop and listen to the depth of intuition, the voices within us?
Are the men among us having a harder time being in the energy of wine than the women?

It is a creative time, an awakening of ideas. Let's stay there.


I want to wish us all a blessed time for all of us to stay. For those who are already in sync with our inner rhythm and for those who are contradictory and difficult for them to stop.
It is a sacred time, and if we get to sit and listen then the pain of the pre-menstrual syndrome will not be. We can harmonize what is no longer serving us, shed menstrual blood and allow something new to enter.



Happy Passover holiday of tranquility and being



Thanks to Einat Lev, through which I learned much of this knowledge and also the wonderful book "The Body of a Woman's Wisdom of a Woman" by Dr. Christian Northrop. Thanks to the powerful women's study of gynecopia - the wisdom of the whole woman .

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