About Avigayil Ruth Lev

I was born into a religious family in a settlement near Jerusalem. Over the years, I have sought the way to connect more deeply to myself, my feelings and my body. I traveled around the world and throughout Israel on a spiritual quest to discover and know my deep self. I was looking to answer questions such as: What is my gift in this world? What is love? How can I deeply connect to myself?


The journey has repeatedly led me to deep work on my sexuality, with the parts of me still experiencing shame and guilt in my body and mind.

As I delved into the practice of conscious sexuality, the path led me to a deeper connection to myself and my emotions. The connection to conscious sexuality has brought about a great transformation in my life.


Since this change, I have been leading others in the sacred sexuality path. I completed many courses and workshops in the sexual and Tantric worlds:

  •  International Temple Arts School ISTA SSEX LEVEL 1

  • Graduate of "Woman's Body" - guiding women's circles on sexuality with Maayan Gerber  and Avishag Maya Zloof.

  • Full Body Orgasm Workshop - Andrew Barnes.

  • Tantric Massage Course - Budhhi Dana.

  • Participant in a Yoni massage course - Gilad Zohar. 

  • Yoni massage course - Swaroop Verma.

  • Student for Gynecoscopy - The Wisdom of the Whole Woman. Holistic accompaniment of women.


My other degrees:

  • BSc in Biology and BA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

  • MSc in Occupational Therapy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • MBA degree in Mandel Social Leadership, Ben Gurion University of the Negev.


"I believe in the connection between the body and the mind. Empowerment through touch, driving the life force energy in the body and working with pain and pleasure. I believe that through loving touch, we can experience healing in physical, mental,  and spiritual ways. Using our life force energy we can experience a deeper connection to life itself "

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