Female personal healing is healing the world


The issue of personal healing and social acton is an issue that has accompanied me for many years.
I remember my time in Kibbutz Neot Smadar six years ago when I thought a lot about the introspection that people do there. After all, people in the kibbutz have the best conditions for introspection in amazing nature and people like them ... so I judged that it was necessarily "easy" for them to observe and do meaningful community work.
But what about doing for the world? What about people living in noisy city conditions and constant pressure?

The belief in Neot Smadar is that dealing with ourselves also heals the world, is that the case?

For many years I have been active in social activism and social work in various associations, even working in Nepal. But it was precisely in my spiritual awakening that I began to gather in and devote a great deal of energy and activity to my inner life, to delve deeper into myself, to heal close relationships. There are times when I hurt the fact that I am not working for various injustices in the world, for the environment, for peace, for female oppression. After all, I, a strong woman with great abilities can act and make big changes.

These voices have come up for strongly in recent times, with the public consciousness becoming increasingly vulnerable to nature and the earth.

And along with the voices, I'm learning how my personal inner healing is actually healing the earth.

Our earth has always been regarded as feminine, and also possess the "virgin resources" that can be exploited, very similar to the harm patriarchy has caused women over millennia. A woman who helps stop this exploitation on her own body, a woman who actually wakes up also helps stop the exploitation of the earth itself.

If we reconnect to the nature and secrets of our bodies, if we reconnect to ourselves, to our power, to our feminine powers, it is actually "political" and "actvisim".

I realize that in fact my inner process with myself, the process of breaking out of the shame, fear and pain, in which I brought out my pain, the process that I still go through with my fear of men and a deep connection to my body, is actually an important social activity.
And this is not just about healing myself, but healing my feminine heritage, healing my mother's pain, my grandmothers, and all my female triangles - since everything they have been through is still present in my cells.

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