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I would like to write about the period of women and the menstrual blood, from research on self as well as in-depth studies of blood in the study of "gynecology" - the wisdom of complete woman and further reading.


Getting blood during a full moon / missing moon feels completely different and it has a different energy so I wanted to write a bit about the differences between them.

In ancient cultures, where there was no unnatural light, all women were synchronized through the moonlight into two cycles:

1. Red Moon Cycle

2. White Moon cycle

In a red moon cycle, a woman ovulates in the new moon and bleeds in the full moon.

In a white moon cycle, a woman bleeds in the new moon and ovulates in the full moon.


It is said that in ancient civilizations women in the red moon cycle were considered witches, healers, shamans and women of medicine (and even sensual and sexual). It is a cycle that is considered to be contrary to the natural process of bleaching because they are actually at the height of their fertility precisely because the moon is missing.

Women in a white moon cycle, their energy matches the patterns of the moon because they feel high energy (fertility) while the moon is ripe and ready for harvest, and in the energy of convergence inward that the moon also begins anew.

These women are considered the nurturing type, care for their loved ones, feed their partner and children, and care for the home. In the patriarchy, these women are greatly honored.

Throughout a woman's life, she may experience many transitions where her cycle is synchronized differently with the lunar cycle. Especially today, where we are heavily influenced by unnatural light, and most of us don't spend much time in the moonlight.

(I read that today there are women who experience a pink lunar cycle - that the moon fills with Waxing moon and a purple lunar cycle - that the moon begins to shrink waning moon).

In her book, Women's Alchemy, Penelope Shuttle talks about "The Smart Woman's Cyclicity" - a woman's periodicity in which she switches between the red and white moon every 3 months.

It is not easy to experience such changes. One month to bleed in a missing moon and rest together with the moon and full moon in the moon and feel the strong energy of the two of you together. And a few months after that to experience full moon bleeding, while it is more difficult to rest because of the powerful effect of the moon, but to experience a stronger time of Vision creation.

It is interesting to take note of this and pay attention to your moon time and with them the different passions and desires that come to you.

Are you passionate about sensuality and feminist activism?

Or maybe you're looking for love and relationships?

Do you mainly support other women and consider yourself a "smart woman" and a healer?

Are you gathering or going out into the world?

Notice how your cycle communicates with these familiar cycles and whether the difficulty / pain changes as you receive full / missing moon blood.

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