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When we talk about the word reflexology, we usually think of a method of deep foot massage that corresponds with different organs in our bodies.

But the Chinese have found that there is also reflexology of our genitals.

It turns out that our genitals, males and females are a map of the rest of the body (see the picture to the right).

The genital reflexology theory holds that stimulation of certain parts of the genitals balance the chi of that organ.
Regular stimulation of all these areas encourages health and vitality.

They also believe that if one area is touched more often, the corresponding limb can weaken and can create negative physical and emotional symptoms.

This is one of the reasons for getting genital massages, the Yoni and Lingam massages (names of our genitals in Sanskrit - ancient Indian), massages that make sure to press reflex points along the penis and vagina to produce balance and health. (There are many other deep reasons for choosing such a massage.)

The reflexology zones in the Yoni are mapped the same as the Lingam, except in reverse. Thus, when the lingam enters the Yoni, reflexology zones are compatible and form a strong connection between the two bodies. During an act of love, all the reflexology areas of the male and female genitalia are in contact, creating one of the most unique ways of healing all parts of the body.

It is important for me to emphasise that this special connection does not have to happen only between a man and a woman with full penetration. Whether you are touching your partner with your hand, mouth or genitals, you will be aware of which parts of the genitals are more activated. Show each other  new ways to stimulate the often neglected genitals. Explore new ways to touch areas that often don't get noticed.

Awareness of genital reflexology encourages you to stimulate all parts of your genitals to improve health, sexual fulfilment and pleasure.

And it is very important for me to add, in the male-female relationship, the lingam's head in reflexology is the heart, as is the woman's cervix. So in full penetration, a heart meets a heart, a heart opens to the heart and love begins to flow.

To me, this gives another deep layer of  love and full penetration. We must must be  aware of the consequences of love that can arise. 

Taken from Site - https://acupressure.com/lovers/articles/genitalReflex.htm

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