❈ Why cultivate our genitals? ❈

Yoni and Lingam massage

Yoni योनि - The  Sanskrit word for the Female Genitals - Meaning - Temple / Sacred Space, Uterus, The Origin. The space that is the source of life itself.
Lingam लिङ्गम - The Sanskrit word for the Male Genitals -  Meaning - Shaft of Light  - A Mighty Power Symbolizing God Shiva.

Our body accumulates memories throughout life, and every event that we experience and does not fully emotional has remained in the body.
Whenever we shrank and did not show our feelings, or we opened up someone we were not ready to stay in the body.
Fit us full of everything we went through in this past life.
Our bodies today are wrapped in layers and memories that are most repressed so it is sometimes difficult for us to be connected to the environment, to people and to open our hearts wide.

Our genitals have even greater sensitivity to past memories than the rest of the body. This area is a very powerful energetic gateway, our base chakra, from which our life energy / mycogenic energy grows, an area that we mainly retain for ourselves and our loved ones.
This area is sealed, closed and wraps faster. Because our mini region is also repressed in our society. Intimate areas must not be touched by others, must not feel horny, whatever my name is considered to be animal and inferior. It is also the area from which our departures come from that are considered "dirty" in our society.

That we are little kids, every event that happened to us, traumatic or emotional and powerful is a bigger injury because our page is more smooth. As we grow, there is already an armor that keeps us going and so as we grow the experiences the less powerful and shaky we have. So it could be that Mama told us not to touch the genitals in front of others and that created a great contraction and distance from ourselves and our humanity.

In a traumatic event for the body, there was an emotion that needed to come out and the body stopped, sealed, froze, there was no breathing.
In such a massage we do a reverse process where all emotions have space and there is renewed and sacred processing for trauma.

In sensitive and slow sacred contact in the genitals, in the present contact and listening to the June and Lingam massage actually let these memories come out of the body. The contact with the intestinal organs can bring a lot of pleasure and expansion, but also pain that we have not met in a long time. Touching in a safe place allows past cracks to rise and fall, intense emotions rise to the surface and transform them into pleasure.
That the body expresses fear and desire is healing, because the body is ready to open to what was not previously allowed.


♥ Yoni and Lingam massage heals past memories ♥

During such a massage, we also inject blood into the genital area, nurture it, open it. This results in greater health, metabolism and the possibility of removing all the memories and debris stuck in the place. Areas that do not move in the body can certainly develop disease, while having energy that moves it cleanses the energetic system and gives vitality to our intimate organs.

Tantric breaths, which open the body and movement of the body, help the energetic displacement help to get out of the mind into the body, and land within it, thus driving what is stuck. The body itself knows how to do this work and it will do what it needs to bring healing.

So some of us may find it strange to have a massage in our genitals, because the contact there is usually reserved only for ourselves or our partner, but there is intimate massage and a deep, deep healing for ourselves and then for those around us and the world.

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