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Unlock the Divine Secrets of Female Ejaculation with Gushing Goddess

Embark on a feminine spiritual journey to explore and embrace the

sacred power of your body


Discover the Sacred Flow Within

 "Gushing Goddess" is a beautifully crafted journey designed to guide you through the mysteries and wonders of female ejaculation. Blending scientific insight with spiritual wisdom, this course offers a comprehensive exploration of your body's capabilities, leading to profound empowerment and a deeper connection with your inner water and pleasure.

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Understanding and embracing female ejaculation can be a transformative journey for women seeking to enhance their sexual experiences and achieve the pinnacle of pleasure.


Learning about female ejaculation goes beyond mere anatomical knowledge; it delves into a realm of empowerment, self-discovery, and heightened intimacy.


By exploring and understanding this natural aspect of female sexuality, women can unlock a deeper connection with their bodies, desires, and partners, paving the way for a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

My name is Avigayil. I am committed to assisting individuals to connect with the depth of their pleasure. With years of experience and a toolkit refined through practice, I am here to guide you on your journey to discovering female ejaculation.

The process I have developed takes you step by step towards unlocking the potential for female ejaculation and enhancing the pleasure in your life.


The course blends theoretical knowledge with practical exercises drawn from my experience. These exercises are designed to help you uncover your sacred waters

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What You Will Discover: The 5 how to's 

Amplify Pleasure: Master the art of maximizing pleasure and deepening your orgasmic experiences. This course will guide you through techniques and practices that enhance your sensual satisfaction.

Empower Yourself: Gain the confidence and knowledge to practice female ejaculation on your own. This empowering skill will allow you to explore your body’s full potential and embrace your inner goddess.

Enhance Intimacy: Learn to connect more profoundly with your partner and communicate your desires effectively. Gain the skills to guide your partner in providing more tailored and satisfying pleasure.

Increase Well-being: Discover how embracing your waters can lead to greater calm and more frequent moments of happiness in your life. This course helps you integrate sexual health into your overall well-being.

Redefine Your Sexuality: Embrace a new perspective on your sexual identity, infused with playfulness and passion. This course encourages you to explore and cultivate a vibrant and joyful sexual expression.

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You deserve to experience pleasure.

You are entitled to a life filled with passion.

This is the greatest gift you can offer yourself.

What you will learn

My Personal story

Myth Busting

Benefits of Female Ejaculation

The history of Female Ejaculation

Anatomy of Female Ejaculaton

Tips to reach Female Ejaculation

Enter your Temple - How to Touch inside of you

Toning your Pelvic floor

Presence, Breath, Sound & Movement

Practice Tantric Breath 

Self Pleasure - Sensation Meditation 

The Spirituality of Female Ejaculation

The course includes a handbook
Created specifically for the course

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For whom is the course intended?

Women who are curious about their own bodies and want to learn more about female sexual anatomy, function, and pleasure.

People who believe in the importance of self-discovery, self-expression, and self-empowerment, especially when it comes to exploring and embracing one's own sexuality.

Couples who are interested in deepening their intimacy and understanding the women's body through open  exploration. 

Therapists and counselors who work with individuals and couples to address sexual concerns, enhance intimacy, and improve communication around sexuality.

Individuals who have a keen interest in exploring diverse aspects of human sexuality and enjoy learning about new sexual experiences and practices.

Men who want to learn how to pleasure their partner and support her on her journey towards female ejaculation

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About me

Hello, I'm Avigayil Ruth Lev,

Guided by a profound commitment to facilitating holistic growth, I specialize in guiding individuals along the path of body awareness, spiritual exploration, and conscious sexuality. Over the course of the past decade, I have dedicated myself fervently to these domains, curating immersive experiences that invite participants into deep introspection and connection with their physical, emotional, and spiritual selves.

Within the framework of my workshops and retreats, I cultivate an atmosphere conducive to transformative exploration, emphasizing principles of mindfulness, attentive engagement, intentional movement, and the synergistic dynamics of communal interaction. It is within these environments that profound personal evolutions often manifest.

My areas of expertise encompass female sexual empowerment, the exploration of sacred sexuality, and the phenomenon of female ejaculation, known as Amrita. I am steadfast in my belief in the transformative power of cultivating a deep connection with the body, recognizing its capacity to catalyze personal growth and enrich our experience of existence.


"The workshop 'Gushing Goddess' was wonderful and moving, the opportunity to receive so much clarity and knowledge on a topic that is both scarcely researched and considered taboo in our society is blessed and revolutionary.

Avigayil has a wealth of knowledge and insight that connected me deeper to my body. The simple, accessible, and profound way Avigayil teaches created a field of openness and mutual deepening within the group. 

May there be more such sacred feminine spaces.

Thank you!"


"Avigayil, I participated tonight in the workshop and I want you to know how refreshing it was within a busy and exhausting reality...

I felt invigorated and reminded of my sexual energy I was happy to reconnect with it. 

I highly recommend the workshop that creates a nurturing space and an opportunity for deeper dialogue and conversation about healthy sexual energy...

I felt like my body was listening.

I wish we had more and more spaces like these."


"The meeting with Avigayil led to a significant change in my understanding of  female Ejaculation. Until the workshop, I was very skeptical about the possibility that it is accessible to every woman. I thought it was related to the women's anatomical structure.

Avigayil in a trustworthy manner, also discussed hers personal story and taught female anatomy  including technical explanations  and debunking of old beliefs. All of these helped me understand Female Ejaculation. During my subsequent practice a stream of water flowed from me! The kitchen towel I placed underneath me just in case... seemed like a joke!

Thank you very much, wonderful woman, for the knowledge you bring with you with courage, honesty, and humility."


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Common Questions

Is the course suitable for every woman?

Yes! Every woman has the potential to reach her high sexual self, regardless of age, status, or whether you experience hormonal imbalances. In this course, you will learn why many women are not familiar with their bodies and how to make a profound breakthrough around your sexuality.

I already experience Female Ejaculation, is the course relevant for me?

Yes! The course teaches much more than just how to achieve Female Ejaculation. I also teach about the spiritual experience involved and how to turn the experience of Female Ejaculation into a deep and enjoyable emotional experience.

Is the course also suitable for men?

Definitely, as a man, you will also learn about the depth of the female body. Additionally, there is a special video for men who want to support their partners in achieving Female Ejaculation.

When does the course start?
The course is open for immediate viewing upon payment completion, and all its contents are available forever!

How do I access the course?
The course is located on a private members' site with a username and password sent to you via email immediately after payment. Upon logging into the website, you can view all the course content available.

Enroll today and gift yourself some majic

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