Avigayil Ruth Lev
 Conscious and Sacred Sexuality Coach 
Want to live a life of passion and connection?

I am here to support you to form a deeper connection with your body, your emotions and your sexual energy.

Come get practical tools for empowering your life through a connection to pleasure.

Through touch, breathing, movement and sound I will guide you how to connect to your sexuality in a new way.

Come and experience a life of passion, confidence and self-love.


I'm Avigayil and I help people connect to conscious & sacred sexuality.


"I believe in the connection between the body, consciousness, mind and soul.

I help you strengthen your connection to your body and yourself through touch, moving our life force energy in the body and working with pain and pleasure.


I believe that by touch and loving presence, we can experience healing on physical mental and spiritual levels.

Through dedication, intimacy with ourselves and an encounter with our sexuality and life force energy, we can experience a deeper connection to life itself."


'I came to Avigayil at a critical point in my life where I understood the disconnection in my body and between him and me.

Every time Abigail opened the door of the clinic I felt the breath fill my vision, in an instant I could let the emotions move in and out.

In an instant I could sit on the meditation chair and dedicate myself to her enveloping, holding, caring arms.

There are lots of body-mind treatments, of all types and species. Avigayil has only one.
One of a kind.
If you have a request for treatment, to connect with yourself and your body, I highly recommend coming to an introductory meeting with Avigayil and see that you also stay, as long as you need to. '


♥ ️ Michal

Workshops & Courses

I create spaces for men and women where it is possible to explore together topics such as sexuality, pleasure, orgasms, intimacy, femininity, and more. I also come with my workshops for conferences and festivals world-wide.

One of my main focuses is Female Ejaculation - Amrita.

Feel free to write to me and I will update on the upcoming workshops.

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