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Avigayil Ruth Lev
 Sacred Sexuality & Feminine Embodiment Coach 
Attachment Couple Therapy
Live a life of passion and connection

  • Embodiment - I support you to form a deeper connection with your body 

  • Tension and Trauma work - I support on helping releasing stored energy in the body

  • Empowerment - I support you with practical tools for empowering your life

  • Pleasure -  I help you embody pleasure through touch, breathing, movement and sound

  • Passion -  I help you experience a life of passion, confidence and self-love


Connect to your body & sexuality in a new way


 Meet me in my clinic or in workshops for women & couples. 


Hello, I'm Avigayil Ruth Lev

your guide on the path of body awareness, spiritual exploration, and conscious sexuality. Over the past decade, I have passionately immersed myself in these realms, creating transformative spaces for individuals to embark on deep self-exploration, connecting with their bodies, emotions, and consciousness.

In my workshops and retreats, I foster an environment of synchronicity, emphasizing the art of slowing down, active listening, conscious movement, embodied practices, and the dynamic power of group interactions. It is through these experiences that profound transformations unfold.

As a naturally curious and adventurous woman, I am an eternal student, continuously seeking knowledge and growth. In my work, I draw upon a wide range of tools and modalities, including women's circles, holistic gynaecology, tantric massage, water therapy, embodied psychotherapy, and much more.

My expertise lies in areas such as female ejaculation (Amrita), feminine empowerment, and sacred sexuality. I believe in the ability to enhance life-force energy through a profound connection to the body, unlocking the potential for personal growth and deepening our connection to life itself.

I hold firm in the belief that the power of self and group healing is instrumental in nurturing the body-mind, encompassing the physical, mental, conscious, and spiritual aspects of our being. Your commitment to personal intimacy and sexual exploration has the potential to elevate your energy, leading to a more profound connection with your own life.

Get ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and connection. Together, let's awaken your true potential and embrace the vibrant essence of life itself.


'I came to Avigayil at a critical point in my life where I understood the disconnection in my body and between me and my partner. 

Every time Avigayil opened the door of the clinic I felt the breath fill my vision, in an instant I could let the emotions move in and out.

In an instant I could sit on the meditation chair and dedicate myself to her enveloping, holding, caring arms.

There are lots of body-mind treatments, of all types and species. Avigayil has only one.
One of a kind.
If you have a request for treatment, to connect with yourself and your body, I highly recommend coming to an introductory meeting with Avigayil and see that you also stay, as long as you need to. '


♥ ️ Michal

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