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Avigayil Ruth Lev
Conscious and Sacred Sexuality Coach 
Awaken your Life Force Energy 
Live a life of passion and connection

I am here

  • To support you to form a deeper connection with your body

  • To connect to your emotions and your sexual energy

  • To get practical tools for empowering your life

  • To embody pleasure through touch, breathing, movement and sound

  • To experience a life of passion, confidence and self-love


Connect to your sexuality in a new way


 Meet me in my clinic or in workshops for women & couples. 


Hey, I'm Avigayil.

Following the path of listening to body, spirit and conscious sexuality for the last decade, I am here to create spaces for women and men to explore themselves in depth, to meet their body, emotions and consciousness.


Within the synchronicity of these connections,  I offer my workshops and retreats emphasising, slowing down, listening, movement, embodiment and the power group dynamics. 


I am a curious, adventurous woman and eternal student. 

I use many tools in my work, including  women's circles, holistic gynaecology, tantric massage, water therapy, embodied psychotherapy and much more.

I specialise in female ejaculation- Amrita, feminine empowerment and sacred sexuality, the ability to increase life-force energy through connection to the body.


I believe in the power of self of and within the group to heal the body-mind, 

the physical, the mental, the conscious and the spiritual. 


Your dedication to your personal intimacy and your sexuality can raise your energy which will engender a deeper connection to your life.


'I came to Avigayil at a critical point in my life where I understood the disconnection in my body and between me and my partner. 

Every time Avigayil opened the door of the clinic I felt the breath fill my vision, in an instant I could let the emotions move in and out.

In an instant I could sit on the meditation chair and dedicate myself to her enveloping, holding, caring arms.

There are lots of body-mind treatments, of all types and species. Avigayil has only one.
One of a kind.
If you have a request for treatment, to connect with yourself and your body, I highly recommend coming to an introductory meeting with Avigayil and see that you also stay, as long as you need to. '


♥ ️ Michal

Workshops & Courses

I create safe spaces for all genders to explore topics such as sexuality, pleasure, orgasm, intimacy, femininity, and more.

 my workshops are available at conferences and festivals world-wide.

One of my main workshop focus is female pleasure and female ejaculation. 

Please write to me for dates of upcoming workshops.