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Tantric Massage

" I firmly believe in the profound connection that exists between the body and the soul. It is through this belief that I embrace the power of touch, the flow of life energy within the body, and the transformative potential found in both pain and pleasure. Love-infused touch has the capacity to facilitate healing on physical, mental, cognitive, and spiritual levels. By embracing surrender, nurturing intimacy with ourselves, and embracing our sexuality and life energy, we can cultivate a profound connection to the essence of life itself"

In my practice, I welcome women & couples who are seeking tantric massage sessions as part of an extended transformative process.

Please note that I do not offer one-time tantric massages, as the true essence of this practice lies in its integration over time.


The goal of tantric massage is to release blockages within our bodies and genitals, allowing for healing through the channeling of sexual energy and experiencing profound pleasure.


Prior to conducting a massage, it is crucial for us to meet and spend time getting to know one another. This process builds trust and familiarity, ensuring a safe and supportive space for your journey of healing and exploration.


During the massage session, we embark on a shared journey of presence and connection to the present moment through meditation and rituals. We begin with a tantric massage, an exquisite experience where your naked body is gently massaged with nourishing oils.


Additionally, we may choose to incorporate armor removal work, which involves deep contact with specific points in the body to release physical, emotional, and energetic blockages.

Towards the conclusion of the session, if it aligns with our agreed intentions, we may proceed to an intimate Yoni or Lingam massage.

To ensure continuity and integration of the session's benefits, we conclude with a summary conversation and provide exercises for you to continue your personal growth and exploration in the comfort of your own home.

I am guided by the path of tantra and sacred sexuality, which has been a transformative force in my own life, deepening my connection to myself and my emotions. Over the years, I have dedicated myself to extensive training, completing numerous courses and workshops within the realm of sacred sexuality and tantra. This commitment has enriched my understanding and expertise, allowing me to provide a safe and nurturing space for your profound healing and transformation.

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