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About Avigayil Ruth Lev

I was born in a religious family in a settlement close to Jerusalem, Israel.

Over the years and through thousands of miles of travel, from the mountain tops of Nepal to the desert of Israel, I searched for a way to connect more deeply with myself, my feelings and my body.


Along the way I studied and successfully completed three significant academic degrees.  In addition, I worked for many years in the nonprofit sector in management positions to change the face of society in Israel and around the world.


During my twenties I journeyed in Israel and throughout the world to discover and know myself, looking to answer my deepest questions: 


What gift can I give the world?

What is love, mine and others? 

Self connection, how deep can I go? 


The journey has led me to deep sexual work, to struggle with recurring shame and guilt in both body and soul.


As I deepened my practice of conscious sexuality, my path led me to a deeper connection with my body, my emotions and spirit. 


My connection to conscious sexuality has resulted in a great and significant transformation in my life.


I now lead women and men on the same journey. 


Since this change, I lead others on the path of sacred sexuality.

I am a graduate of many courses and workshops in the worlds of sexuality and tantra:

  • International School of Temple Arts ISTA SSEX LEVEL 1 | 2018

  • Assistant graduate "A Woman's Body" - facilitation of women's circles around sexuality with Maayan Gerber and Avishag Maya Zaloof | 2019-2020

  •  body orgasmic workshop with Andrew Barnes | 2019

  • Tantric massage course with Buddhi Dana | 2020

  • "Skin to light" course for Yoni massage with Gilad Zohar | 2019

  • Yoni massage course with Swaroop Verma | 2019

  • Gyncosophia - the wisdom of the complete woman. Holistic leading for women in the circles of life|  2020-2021

  •  International School of Temple Arts ISTA LEVEL 2 | 2020 

  • Practitioner Training of the ISTA organisation | 2021

  • Omni-therapy - body-based physical psychotherapy | 2021-2022

  • Aguhara - water treatment level 1 and 2 | 2019 & 2021

  • Tamir Zemach's Somatic-Dynamic Therapy course |  2022

  • EFT - Attachment couple Therapy with Tali Granot Bashan | 2022-2023


"I believe in the connection between the body, consciousness, mind and soul.

I am here to assist you to strengthen your connection to your body and yourself through touch, energetics, shamanism and pleasure. 


I believe that by touch and loving presence, we can experience healing on physical, mental and spiritual levels.


Through dedication, intimacy with ourselves and an encounter with our sexuality and life-force energy, we can experience a deeper connection to life itself."

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Ⓒ 2023 by Avigayil Ruth Lev

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