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Sacred Water 
Soft workshop into Female Ejaculation
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Have you always been interested in Female Ejaculation - Amrita?

To really understand the sacred waters of women?

To understand the deep secrets of being your true femine self?

Have you wanted to learn to totally let go, surender into a new type of bliss?


Well now is your chance!


Avigayil Ruth Lev, an international sexuality practitioner from Israel will be in Berlin to facilitate a workshop on Female Ejaculation.

She has taught this workshop dozens of times in Israel and worldwide, and also has an online course that has sold over 500 times! 


The workshop will teach the ancient wisdom of the female waters.


  • We will learn the history of female ejaculation

  • Anatomy and physiology - what actually happens in the body 

  • Tips on how to reach ejacualtion on your own and with a partner 

  • The deep spiritual parts of this water work

  • How to strengthen our pelvic floor and reach higher states of orgasmic bliss and let go of our waters

  • Breathing exercises that support female ejaculation 

  • And much more. 


The workshop is for everyone and will not include any nudity or sexual touch.


From my experience - it is enough to come and listen, your body will learn something new, you can practice at home. 


>> The workshop will take place on Tuesday, Oct 18th  from 7-10 PM at a beautiful Salon in Prenzlauer Berg. 

>> I will send the exact location to those who sign up. 


Price - 35 euro until Oct. 15th

After that 50 euro 

Two tickets - 75 euro (use promo code - friends)



"I believe in the connection between the body, consciousness, mind and soul.

I am here to assist you to strengthen your connection to your body and yourself through touch, energetics, shamanism and pleasure. 


I believe that by touch and loving presence, we can experience healing on physical, mental and spiritual levels.


Through dedication, intimacy with ourselves and an encounter with our sexuality and life-force energy, we can experience a deeper connection to life itself."

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Ⓒ 2023 by Avigayil Ruth Lev

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