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Wild Goddess Immersion

An Immersion into
Femininity and Sexuality
with Avigayil Ruth Lev

February 3
Tel Aviv

I am excited to invite you an in-depth immersion of your female royalty,

a weekend of connection, sisterhood—

workshops to connect you to your inner power and wild nature

all in the heart of Tel Aviv. 




Come to connect to your complete dynamism:

femininity, sexuality, strength as well as softness and permeability. 

Discover who you are without the layers of fear and shame.

Become the women you want to be! 


The Wild Goddess is a two day immersion and exploration for any woman who wishes to connect to her body, the erotic sources of her strength and her vibrating sexuality.


I invite you to a feminine space of healing empowerment. Come discover beliefs that will allow you to live your life within

your full potential —sexually, pleasurably and fulfilled. 

Come meet yourself in the deepest way through your body's intelligence.


This immersion will not only enhance  your knowledge, but will also provide you with tools to connect to the body emotionally, physically and spiritually. Through tools of dance, breath work, conscious sexuality, sacred femininity, tantra, somatic sexology and more. 
I believe in a holistic and complete view of the female body and its intelligence. 


During the immersion we will learn to access our deepest intuition, the source of our emotional and spiritual power. 

What will we do together?
Some important details


A beautiful venue in Southern Tel Aviv

exact location to be disclosed 


February 3  2023


How much

 5 last tickets -

 480 ₪

So who am I

Hi! I'm Avigayil.

I am here to create spaces for women and men to explore themselves in depth, to meet their body, emotions and consciousness. I have lived inside the process of following the path of connecting to body, spirit and conscious sexuality for the last decade.


I offer workshops and retreats that emphasize loosening, listening deeply, embodiment, movement, and the power group dynamics. 


I am a curious, adventurous woman and an eternal student. 

I use many tools in my work, including - women's circles, holistic gynecology, tantric massage, water therapy, embodied psychotherapy and much more.


Who is invited?
WhatsApp Image 2022-12-19 at 5.42.52 PM.jpeg

Any woman who wants to connect with her deepest self, to her profound sexuality, to meet her entire spectrum of emotions and to live more integrally and powerfully.


For anyone who experiences a reduction in life force energy, sexual challenges, feelings of exhaustion or a lack of desire.

But this workshop is also for anyone who celebrates her sexuality, is high on life and wants to enrich herself with knowledge and experience!


  • Join us if you are curious to talk about those things we were raised not to talk about. 

  • Join us to connect to a supportive female environment.

  • Join us to experience more pleasure and connection to your life.

  • Join us if you are tired of making yourself less and yet you know you just fear your own powers.

  • Join us because you know you deserve it!

  • You deserve this space: for yourself, for your development, for you deepening growth.



How will I know if this workshop suits me if this is my first time? 

🙂 This workshop is perfect for anyone taking their first steps in these new environments. We are thrilled to help you  open the gate and support you to this new kind of work. We work gradually, deepening in a way that allows the entire workshop to learn the basic tools for emotional, sexual and cognitive work. Only then, as a safe and whole group do we dive in together giving each other support and love along the way.

What are the ages of women who join?
This workshop is open to any woman aged 18 and over. We believe in the strong female bonds of women of all ages, from all walks of life, from varied cultures, socio-economic backgrounds, and sexual orientations, in fact anyone excited to discover the threads that connect us. Everyone is invited to come and participate according to their desire and ability.

Will there be physical touch during the workshop? What about nudity? 

During the weekend we will experience various workshop techniques that will include intimate sharing, dancing, movement, breathing use of voice and more. In some workshops you will have the opportunity to be in physical contact with each other, always within the boundaries of clear communication and respect for each other's space and selfhood. At any time a participant might choose not to be in physical contact and we respect that completely. There also will be exercises in which it will be beneficial to remove layers of clothing. There is no expectation of nudity, but it is important that you know that there may be nudity in the space. I strive to create a space that frees and encourages each and every one to do what is right for her. 


Sister, you need to try this... it was life changing ... I felt my whole heart in that space... I felt my most authentic self... with permission be everything in the world I want to be.

That I am important and valuable.

That my vagina is sacred and precious..

I couldn’t believe the compassion and love that flowed inside me.

And how much I cried! It just washed over me! Healed me!

The complete female environment…it healed me.. hugged me and enveloped me.. I also encountered sadness and pain.. for myself and others..

But it was the safest space in to find myself. It is my greatest wish for other women to experience the same…


Waiting to
hear from you 


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Ⓒ 2023 by Avigayil Ruth Lev

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